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Lindsay Marshall

Lindsay Marshall was appointed Chief Financial Officer on 31 January 2023. Lindsay is a qualified Chartered Accountant with over 40 years experience in corporate accounting. He has significant experience in audit and business services with international and local practices.

Justin Haines

Justin, appointed CEO on July 4, 2022, brings 30+ years’ expertise in managing and consulting on diverse mining and exploration projects across Australia and Asia-Pacific. He oversees project coordination, from planning to governance. With a track record of resource deployment and leading technical and financial planning, Justin held key roles at Hawsons Iron Limited, 42 […]

Simon Tolhurst

Former Chairman of iCollege (now NextEd) between 2017 and 2021, Simon brings to his non-executive role both hands on experience with NextEd’s business as well as 30 years’ legal experience, having been a partner of national law firm, HWL Ebsworth. No longer practicing in the law, Simon is now actively involved on the boards of […]

Adam Arkinstall

Adam Arkinstall was appointed a Director of the Company on 20 February 2023. Adam is an experienced businessman with a background in logistics and early cycle investment. He is a management and accounting executive with significant corporate, acquisition and investment experience. He has an extensive understanding of governance and internal audit. Adam is currently Managing […]

Paul Ryan

Paul currently oversees the Ryan Family’s private business interests which extend to beef cattle, earthmoving, accommodation and commercial property investments. Paul was instrumental in the establishment and sale of the retail and bulk fuel distribution business of Choice Petroleum. Paul was involved in establishing and running Shamrock and Manumbar mines. Paul is not considered to […]